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    Habits that make us unhappy
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    ???At some point in our lives we have all complained about how bad we are having a bad time or how sad we feel, but nothing will change until we change the habits that make us unhappy. Because although we blame it on what happens on the outside, the truth is that our perspective and way of experiencing the circumstances around us is more important.
    For this reason, we must stop acting on the basis of certain habits that make us unhappy, but that we introduce into our lives almost daily, turning them into a harmful way of living and behaving. Let’s look at some of these habits that make us unhappy.
    Being ungratefulWe will always have things that do not please us, dreams that we could not fulfill or experiences that left a bad taste in our mouth. It doesn’t matter if you think your life is too bad or that you deserve more than what you have received.
    To be grateful does not mean to be satisfied with what we have, but to be thankful for the opportunities we have received and to continue in the search for what we desire.
    To stop being so unhappy it is important to avoid negative ideas about what we do not have and begin to value the opportunities we have received. Remember that right now there is someone else fighting to get what you already have.
    Stop avoiding changeWe all change, it is a natural aspect of our life and we live it day by day. It is this quality that allows us to improve and achieve our goals. However, fear and comfort are two very strong factors that can prevent our growth.
    Remember that any good or bad situation we live today can lead us to a better future, but we must allow the change to happen. If we are afraid of change and always avoid change, we are falling into the trap of one of the habits that make us unhappy.
    Learn to live in the presentSome people spend their lives living in another place and time. There are those who regret or repent for the past, the opportunities they had or the decisions they made. Others go ahead and think about the job they want, imagine the decisions they will make or get excited about what the future may bring.
    However, we must learn to live in the present. There is little point in thinking about what has gone before or imagining the future. Happy people know that they must learn to live in the present and take the actions that will lead them to the future they desire.
    The habits that make us unhappy do not know of guilt, nor of external events. We are the ones who with a simple turn of the screw can change our whole world. For example, if we stop feeling victimized by circumstances, we can see a much more encouraging reality.
    For self-sabotageNo one can bring us down as efficiently as we can bring ourselves down. Our mind is the most powerful weapon we have and when we use it incorrectly, it is also the most destructive.
    We must be attentive to our ideas and to what we say to ourselves. A happy person is able to dominate his mind in such a way that negative thoughts do not have space for long. Listen to your inner conversation and learn to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.
    Stop pretendingOne of the most difficult challenges in our life is to recognize and accept who we really are. There will always be someone taller, smarter or richer than us, and there is nothing we can do about it. But we must remember that what makes us special is our individuality and the characteristics that make us unique from others.
    All these habits that make us unhappy are based on the decisions we make in our daily lives, so it is also our decision whether we are happy or not. Shall we start changing them? Introducing healthy habits in our life will make it an enriching experience.
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    Do you deserve to be happier? You are probably answering in the affirmative. Therefore, I invite you to discover the 22 habits that will allow you to be happier and…

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    [url=https://magiccompaniesincorporated.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=38&p=7824#p7824]Tantrums: how to prevent them?[/url]
    [url=http://hackersmexicanos.com/index.php?topic=11907.new#new]7 thought psycho-traps[/url]

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    How to regulate negative emotions effectively?
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    ???Have you ever stopped to think about how you tend to react when you feel bad? And if those behaviors you carry out really help you to reduce the discomfort? The reality is that sometimes we don’t know how to regulate negative emotions effectively, or at least if we do, we have a lot of room for improvement.
    Let’s take an example: who doesn’t know someone who, after a painful breakup, has taken to drinking and partying to overcome the sadness and anger they feel? Maybe, at that first moment, they managed to distract themselves from the situation. But, in the long run, has it helped them to solve anything or have they regained their wellbeing by implementing other strategies?
    “The emotionally intelligent person has skills in four areas: identifying emotions, using emotions, understanding emotions, and regulating emotions.”
    -John Mayer
    Classifying the different ways of regulating negative emotionsEmotional regulation encompasses a set of processes. Through them people exert an influence on our emotions, on when we have them and on how we experience and express them. That is, it refers to how we modulate them. This way of doing it can be adaptive (beneficial and functional) or maladaptive (dysfunctional). But how do we know which ones help us and which ones do not?
    Before answering this question, let us learn about the different ways of regulating emotions that we put into practice. On the one hand, we can try to regulate negative emotions by implementing active strategies. Some of them are the positive re-evaluation of the situation, planning what we have to do, seeking personal development, trying to solve the problem or expressing what we feel.
    On the other hand, we can use other more passive strategies, such as conforming to the situation, reacting in a depressive way or letting things be, without trying to remedy it. Finally, there are the avoidant strategies, in which we try to deny what has happened, distance ourselves from it or mentally disconnect, even implementing palliative responses that attack the anxiety and not the cause (such as eating or drinking to feel better).
    “Let us not forget that small emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it.”
    -Vincent Van Gogh
    What way to regulate negative emotions do not help us?
    Dysfunctional emotional regulation strategies make us more emotionally unstable, in addition to causing negative emotions to take center stage and stay with us. The results of this lack of regulation can be very diverse, but none of them positive. We are talking about anger management problems, anxiety or depression.
    As we have said, within this trunk of bad strategies we find the avoidant and passive ones. When we feel bad, it is counterproductive to try to deny what happened. There is an exception and it is when a piece of news causes us a very strong emotional impact, in these cases it can serve in the first instants as a wall of containment for this emotional impact. However, even in these cases we have to end up abandoning it and adopting others.
    It is not going to help us at all to keep thinking about it, focusing on how bad we are and feeling sorry for ourselves. The self-knowledge of our state, when it is negative, gives us information to act; however, it becomes a danger for us when we fall into the temptation of staying in it and not acting.
    The same happens if we try to disengage from what is happening to us by consuming alcohol, drugs or overeating. All these strategies dissipate the feeling of discomfort for a few moments. However, it is only a band-aid that will soon come off, so that later we will need a bigger one. The reality is that none of these strategies help us regulate negative emotions effectively, as they ultimately cause them to linger and increase.
    “An emotion does not cause pain. Resistance or suppression of an emotion causes pain.”
    -Frederick Dodson
    If this repertoire of strategies does not help us to regulate negative emotions… What strategies would be appropriate? Those that involve active coping with what has happened to us. Among them, the ability to reinterpret the situation in a positive way is one of the most important, as well as looking for a solution to the problem and putting it into action. Stopping to think, but without settling into inaction.
    In addition, it will help us to have other sources of positive emotions that restore the broken balance. On the other hand, it is important that we are able to express our emotions and seek social support. However, we must take responsibility for the fact that the final decision must be in our hands.
    The reality is that implementing these emotional regulation strategies may involve an extra effort at first because they require direct actions on our part, but they are necessary to ensure that negative emotions do not become chronic… Learn how to regulate negative emotions effectively!
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    Personal empowerment is key for us to manage discomfort and overcome life’s adversities. Find out how to promote it!

    [url=]How do I know if I am past the grieving period?[/url]
    [url=https://forum.stoprugpull.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=2&p=88549#p88549]May you never lack resolutions to keep you going[/url]
    [url=https://www.evangnet.cz/diskuze/novy/forum/cce/aktualne/@923?BACK=77424%3A1d9ef021a663b2b958080a5e2a6a168764ae767c#pridat_prispevek]The 5 types of procrastination[/url]

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    </p><p>?????? ???????? ????? ?????? ???, ????????????? ??? ????? ???????, ??????? ????? ???, ????? ????? ?? ????????, ?? ????? ??????????? ? ????????? ??????? ????.</p><p>???? ?? ???????? ?????? ????????? ??????, ??????????? ????? ???????????????? ? ?????????? ?????? ???? ???????????? ????????? ? ????? ????, ??? ?? ??? ????, ????? ???????? ??????????? ? ??????? ???? ????????. ??? ????? ??????, ??? ??? ???????? ???????? ???????? ?? Ikea ????????? ?? ???? ? ?????????? ????? ??????.</p><h2>?????? ?????? ???????, ??????? ??????? ??????? ????????? ???????? ????????.<//h2> ? ??? ?? ???????? ????? ????????? ???????. ????????? ???? ?????
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    The Invention of Morel, a beautiful reflection on immortality.
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    ???The fear of death is one of the oldest fears of human beings; the desires of eternal life and love forever are some of the most longed for by mankind. The Invention of Morel, by Argentine writer Adolfo Bioy Casares, combines these fears and desires, questions them, reflects on them and proposes new ways to deal with them.
    The Invention of Morel also inspired films, plays and series such as the 1961 film Last Year at Marienbad, the series Lost and the 1986 Argentine film Hombre mirando al sudeste, among others. The novel, published in 1940, was the one that opened the way to the science fiction genre in Latin America.
    Bioy Casares was an author who was well known in his native Argentina. A friend of Borges and linked to the Ocampo sisters, as he was married to one of them, he surrounded himself with the most prominent writers of the time at a time when numerous literary movements were taking place in Buenos Aires. Such was his friendship with Borges that in La invenci??n de Morel we have a prologue written by Borges himself.
    Fiction and the everyday in The Invention of MorelWe could say that Bioy Casares was ahead of his time, as he knew how to mix everyday elements with science fiction. In his novels, we see very realistic characters within a not so realistic environment.
    In The Invention of Morel, we have a main character, the fugitive, who lives on a remote island fleeing from the law, we do not know his name or what he has done to be forced to escape from the law, but we identify him as a very everyday character, whose emotions are very real.
    The island where he lives has been abandoned for years, the buildings are old and in poor condition; soon, he realizes that strange things are happening there, intruders appear on the scene who repeat their actions and for whom he seems to be invisible.
    Among the intruders is Faustine, a young woman with whom the fugitive falls in love, he tries on numerous occasions to talk to her, but she does not seem to see him, it is as if she does not exist. On the other hand, we have Morel, a scientist who also seems in love with the young Faustine and whom the fugitive detests.
    Soon, we will realize that these intruders are nothing more than images of a past that allude to people who were once on the island; Morel devised a machine that was able to record all these movements and all these people, it was able to save their essence, their desires, their thoughts… Their whole being. Thus, they would live eternally in a happy memory that they would not remember, something like the Nietzschean eternal return, but reliving a week of their lives for all eternity.
    “I’m not dead anymore, I’m in love.”
    -Fugitive, The Invention of Morel
    Fear of death and immortality in fictionDeath is part of us since we are born, every day, every minute and every second of our lives bring us a little bit closer to it. The problem comes when this becomes a fear and problems arise to accept it. To overcome this fear, some religions and philosophical currents propose the idea of “the afterlife”: a promise of a better life after death.
    The belief that man is the union of body and soul says that, in order to liberate the immortal soul, we must act according to certain questions and be good men and women. In this way, our immortal part, after dying on the physical plane, will be able to live in peace forever.
    Other religions, such as Buddhism, propose an immortality based on reincarnation. What these faith-related stories show is that, since ancient times, mankind has sought ways to overcome death, to explain why we die and thus try to accept it in the hope of a spiritual life dissociated from the physical.
    “Fear makes one superstitious.”
    -Adolfo Bioy Casares
    When we have had the opportunity to make a portrait of immortality in the fictional world, we imagine immortal beings like the elves of The Lord of the Rings, or mythological beings, that is, divinities. Thus, we see that the price to pay for immortality or for trying to emulate it is always high. In The Invention of Morel, the scientist Morel has created a machine capable of giving us the immortality of the soul, but it will have a very high cost for our mortal body.
    Through the cinema and the new technologies of the time, Bioy Casares raises numerous reflections and even anticipates what we know today as virtual reality. He presents us with other paths to immortality. Immortality in the work The Invention of Morel is sought by the protagonist from the beginning, but in an indirect and unconscious way.
    “Eternity is one of the rare virtues of literature.”
    -Adolfo Bioy Casares
    Literature is, in a certain way, immortal, we relive an author every time we read his works, literature will remain for posterity and, in this way, the work will be immortal, it is another form of immortality. The protagonist narrates the events in a kind of diary in the hope that someone will find him in the future, and by recording this in writing, we can say that he is searching for immortality.
    Love and immortality in The Invention of MorelWhen the intruders fail to see the fugitive, when they ignore his existence, he refuses to believe that they have not seen him, he prefers to think that it is some plan to capture him and hand him over; that is, he refuses to not exist.
    The intruders cannot see him because they are images, memories, but the fugitive cannot accept that invisibility, and no human would accept something like that. Not existing, being invisible to everyone means a kind of death for the individual; something unacceptable because it is a living death.
    “It was not as if he had not heard me, as if he had not seen me; it was as if the ears I had were not good for hearing, as if the eyes I had were not good for seeing.”
    -Fugitive, The Invention of Morel.
    On the other hand, the novel also explores love, the idealization of love and how love keeps the fugitive alive: it is his only escape route, his only desire. Love is as natural and as human as death, as is the fear of loneliness expressed by the protagonist.
    Despite what it would mean to be discovered, he fantasizes about evil plans towards him, he believes that they conspire to betray him and, deep down, he does not dislike the idea so much either. This is because the fugitive fears loneliness and these thoughts are a very human characteristic. Similarly, jealousy is also present in him. On the other hand, he realizes the illogicality of his thoughts, but he finds it hard to contain them, as anyone who is exposed to a similar situation would.
    In this case, love is related to Platonic ideas of love and also to the literary clich?? religio amoris, where the beloved is shown as an unattainable, superior and divine being. Moreover, love in the novel will be the one that leads to immortality; it will be the trigger of everything, it will be the one that awakens in Morel the desire to immortalize himself with Faustine and the one that makes that same desire appear also in the fugitive.
    Bioy Casares, thanks to his passion for cinema and his great skill as a narrator, takes us to an almost visual work, worthy of a film script, he presents us with a character who loses his mind on several occasions, who writes to record everything he experiences on the island, but it is a very human character and, surely, any of us would act similarly in such a situation. It is, undoubtedly, a work worth reading, which invites reflection.
    “Death is a life lived. Life is a death that comes.”
    -Jorge Luis Borges
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    Futurama, reflections from a future perspective
    Futurama is a series that allows us to reflect on the legacy we are leaving to future generations, our actions have consequences….

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    [url=https://runecessor.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5256-do-you-know-what-emotional-catharsis-is-and-how-it-helps-us/]Do you know what emotional catharsis is and how it helps us?[/url]
    [url=http://tamednation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=824&p=54032#p54032]Change does not produce pain, but resistance to it.[/url]

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    #68846 Odpowiedź


    Little adults: children who know what adults don’t know

    ???They are just children, but they grow and mature ahead of schedule. Although their bodies are small and still developing, inside them reside little adults who know much more than we think or believe. They suffer, live and suffer the experiences of adults. They have been pushed to acquire responsibilities that, at their age, do not correspond to them yet.
    There are many parents who close their eyes to the problems their children face, or rather, to the problems they have and which affect the youngest members of the household. Their frustrations, their misfortunes, their difficulties, all this is projected onto the children who, according to the adults, are not aware of anything.
    “It is easier to build strong children than to mend broken adults.”
    -Frederick Douglas
    Perhaps you were a small child who never felt the need to grow up before your time. Maybe you never felt challenged by the complications and difficulties around you. But, for many children there is no other option. They cannot turn their face and live their childhood as a normal child would.
    Little adults in a difficult worldYou may remember those times when you were scolded because you behaved like a child! It’s ironic to say it this way, but I’m sure you’ve heard phrases like “stop jumping,” “behave like an adult,” and, in the case of girls, “stop acting like a child.
    It seems that jumping and playing is frowned upon. From an early age we are scolded for doing things that, in reality, are childish. Why are we “forced” to grow up? Why are we scolded for acting like what we are? Even when we are small we are told that the sooner we stop being children the better. But sometimes this situation is more pronounced.
    Relationship problems between the parents, abusive situations, demanding too much from the children, arguing in front of them, all this marks and influences them. Personally, I remember the situation of a friend who told me that, as a child, she had to live through a very tense situation between her parents, in which infidelity was the main protagonist.
    No child should be a victim of their parents’ problems, nor should they be responsible for them.
    She understood everything, but they treated her like a “fool”. She had to live through follow-ups, in the car trying to find out where the infidelity lay, arguments in the middle of the night that woke her up and made her cry, situations of physical abuse and others of a psychological nature that she had to see with her own eyes. She even had to act as a mediator between her parents.
    She was barely 8 years old. She remembers perfectly a sentence that her father had shared out loud with her grandmother. A small locution that had made her realize how wrong adults can be: “leave her alone, she doesn’t know anything”.
    Many years later, this situation took its toll on her, leading to a lack of affection that led her to suffer from emotional dependence and to immerse herself in toxic relationships. Needless to say, she inherited a terrible lack of self-esteem and security from this childhood circumstance.
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    5 emotional wounds from childhood that persist as adults
    The emotional wounds of childhood can condition adult life. Therefore, it is essential to heal them to regain our balance and well-being.
    Children understand everythingChildren understand everything, they are not stupid and as adults we think they do. That is why, on many occasions, we do not take them into account, we ignore them and we make them live scenes like the ones mentioned above. All this has consequences for them and, as parents, it is our responsibility to avoid it.
    Let’s look at another completely different situation, for example, in all those poor countries where children from a very young age already start working in order to bring money to their families. They are just children, but they act like adults. They have not chosen it, life has pushed them to become responsible for situations that they should not have in their hands.
    These little adults as they grow up are good at listening to others and feel a little out of place with people their own age. They are much more mature, they have grown up psychologically, though not physically. The experiences have marked them and that causes them not to feel part of the rest.
    Let’s allow children to be children, because this stage can only be lived once.
    Children have to be children, behave like children and we have to allow it. They should never have to live situations that could affect them in the future, especially if we can avoid it. But, especially, it is our duty to banish from our minds the idea that children do not understand the world of adults, because many times they understand more than we think.
    Underestimating what a young child may or may not understand causes gratuitous harm. Instead of looking out for their well-being, we make them participants in circumstances that in one way or another will end up marking them. Their tomorrow will be greatly influenced by what they experience today, so it is in our hands to take care of them.
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    Parents know very well the importance of childhood because, if they were happy, they also go back to it to breathe and feel again…

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    [url=http://jazyky-logos.cz/Vzkaznik-C178/?forum=70972]Stendhal Syndrome, when the pleasure of art attacks your health.[/url]

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    The right path: long-term hedonism

    ???<title>How can we boost our resilience?</title>
    Life can be wonderful, yes, but we have to be realistic; it won’t always be, even if we try hard to achieve it. On the other hand, there are good things that will happen to us by mere “chance”, but the vast majority will depend on our effort. And what about the bad things? The reality is that living implies that setbacks happen and that we do not always get what we want.
    This happens to all of us, but… Do we all react the same way to these situations? Obviously, the answer is no. And on the other hand, is it possible for us to come out of these negative moments stronger? If we want to grow on a personal level, this is precisely where the key lies. Read on and find out how to boost resilience!
    “The world breaks everyone, and then some are strong in the broken places.”
    -Ernest Hemingway
    To empower our resilience, we first need to know what it isLet’s start at the beginning: what is resilience? The reality is that, although it is a current and frequently used term, we may not be entirely clear about its definition. It is normal that we have vague notions about what it means, but that we would not know how to define it if someone asked us to do so.
    Thus, resilience is a person’s ability to adapt positively to adverse situations. Resilient people, therefore, are able to emerge stronger from the complex moments they have had to live through. It does not mean simply “seeing the bright side of things”, but the idea goes beyond that.
    Resilience implies, among other things, being able to effectively regulate our emotions, which is essential to be able to cope with the setbacks that have arisen. But, more importantly, it helps us to overcome the obstacles we encounter.
    And it has another positive side, it is not a genetically determined part of our personality. In other words, we are not born with “x” resilience capacity. On the contrary, it is developed throughout our lives and in our interaction with the environment around us. In other words, it is possible to enhance our resilience!
    “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around or give up. Figure out how to climb over it, through it, or around it.”
    -Michael Jordan
    Internal factors that help us boost our resilience
    Now, how can we manage to boost our resilience? For this, it is important to know what factors, both personal and environmental, influence this capacity. In this way, we can work on its different components and manage to adapt positively to adversity.
    First of all, we have to accept what is happening to us. Obviously, this does not happen from one moment to the next, immediately after a misfortune happens to us. It is something gradual that is achieved with the passage of time and, on many occasions, with the help of a qualified psychologist.
    “You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have left.”
    -Bob Marley
    On the other hand, it’s important to be able to do something we’ve already talked about: look on the bright side of things. That is, to be optimistic. But here we must point out something essential: this optimism has to be realistic. We do not have to stay only with the negative and despise the positive side, but neither do we have to elevate it to an unattainable extreme. If we do this, the shock with reality will be harder.
    Finally, there is something that helps us enormously to boost our resilience. It is our sense of humor. Being able to laugh at ourselves or at the situations that happen to us in our daily lives is an invaluable tool that will make it easier for us to adapt to the different handicaps that we face.
    External factors that help us to enhance our resilienceBut in addition to personal factors, there are other external factors that can influence us to be able to enhance our resilience. For example, when we are faced with a complicated situation, having formal support (associations, specialized institutions, etc.) can be a relevant factor in this adaptation process.
    The social support we have will also make a difference. Being able to rely on our family, our partner and our friends. That they are there, both emotionally and if we need a favor or help is a priceless resource at our fingertips.
    It is important that we take into account all these factors if we are faced with a complicated situation. It is normal that at first we find it difficult to adapt to it, but no one is born knowing. The key point of all this is that we know what tools to use to enhance our resilience and grow on a personal level with what we have had to live… If we fall, we can get up!
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    Personal empowerment is key for us to manage discomfort and overcome life’s adversities. Find out how to promote it!
    [url=https://www.rxshopmd.com/products/antinarcoleptic/buy-modafinil-modalert/]modafinil pre?§o[/url]

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    What to do when our friends ignore us?
    [url=https://www.rxshopmd.com/products/antinarcoleptic/buy-modafinil-modalert/]modafinila pre?§o[/url]

    ???<title>What to do when our friends ignore us?</title>
    Do our friends ignore us, or at least that’s what we think? Friendships are different from person to person. Some people need to see their friends or talk to them almost every day. For others, however, being present at Christmas dinner is enough. However, when we ask ourselves this question, it is because we feel that something is not right.
    The truth is that relationships change. It doesn’t matter if they are friendships, family or couples. The reasons why this happens are various: experiences, change of residence, lack of contact… Therefore, we must avoid mythologizing the beginning of a relationship: perhaps in those moments there are the most intense moments, but this does not determine that they are the best.
    What we can ask ourselves, however, is whether the relationship has evolved to a point where it is no longer recognizable or has begun to hurt us. This thread of reflection will be the facilitator of an intelligent response to how we feel about our perception of the current relationship.
    Are our friends ignoring us or is it a perception of ours? Difficult answer sometimes, isn’t it? We may think our friends ignore us, but is that really the case? Let’s look at some situations that may cause us to pick this candy and start turning it over and over in our cauldron of thoughts:
    We have a job that, far from filling us up, empties us completely: we get so bored and spend so many hours at work that, when we leave, we want to meet up with friends. However, their schedules do not coincide with ours and we think they are giving us the runaround or ignoring us when, in fact, there is only a time incompatibility.
    We wait for them to take the first step: maybe because we always say to meet and we are tired of it. But when we don’t say anything, there is a silence from our friends that makes us feel very lonely.
    We don’t understand that they have other priorities: when our friends have a partner or start having children, their priorities are not so much to meet up with their friends. Therefore, perhaps they do not ignore us, only the lack of time and their responsibilities mean that we are not a priority for them.
    What we should be clear about is that, as the study On the Value of Friendship and its Potential Conflict with Morality. A review of the contemporary debate, “friendship implies a relationship of mutual affection and care”. If we feel that we alone give in the relationship and do not receive, it is necessary to communicate this.
    Over the years, the word “friendship” changes for many of our friends. Their priorities start to shift and that distance can feel like “they are ignoring me” to us.
    The importance of expressing what we feelInstead of drowning in a glass of water, of lamenting and feeling bad, why don’t we instead communicate to our friends that we feel they are ignoring us? Perhaps, the answer we receive will make us understand many of the circumstances we have mentioned above.
    Although, it is very possible that we will also encounter phrases such as “I have made new friends” or “we have distanced ourselves and the relationship is no longer the same”. However, we will have an answer and we will be able, as long as the other person does his or her part, to resume the relationship/update or decide to move on.
    With all this, let’s pay attention to those situations in which our friends ignore us because they don’t feel like meeting us anymore because they consider that we don’t contribute anything to them, but they don’t tell us so. For this, it is very important that we observe how they act from the moment in which we express what we feel and they commit to meet more often or to make plans, at least, once a month.
    We have to understand that it is difficult to tell the truth. This also happens to us in certain circumstances, only when it has a direct impact on us, it bothers us that those with whom we have had so much confidence do not know how to tell us that the shared friendship is giving them little or very little.
    Observing what happens will give us the clues to decide whether to invest more in a relationship or, on the contrary, to close it. This skill is part of our social intelligence. An intelligence that, like emotional intelligence, has been ignored for a long time, despite how good it is as a predictor of our success.
    As we have seen, communication, when we feel that our friends are ignoring us, will give us enough information to use the intelligence we are talking about. In addition, being good at reading and interpreting each other’s communication will make our task much easier. Finally, it should be noted that these moments of meta-relationship (when we think and talk about the relationship), if well managed, often serve to stimulate and reinforce the quality of the bond.
    “A friend is a person with whom you can think aloud.”
    -Ralph Waldo Emerson
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    Emotional loneliness hurts the most
    [url=https://www.rxshopmd.com/products/antinarcoleptic/buy-modafinil-modalert/]where to buy modafinil online[/url]

    ???<title>Emotional loneliness hurts the most</title>
    Emotional loneliness can be devastating. After all, as we well know, one can be accompanied but feel profoundly lonely when not experiencing appreciation, attention, reciprocity and that authentic connection that generates calm and well-being. We all need that honest and meaningful support to feel part of something or someone we love.
    The British writer Julian Barnes explained in his book Levels of Life that few things can be more painful than unchosen loneliness. Thus, according to him, there is nothing comparable to the emotional pain that can be experienced when losing someone or when perceiving that the person we love does not correspond to us.
    It is a state where we gradually become invisible. Not only for others, not only for that social universe inhabited by individuals who suddenly do not see us or do not appreciate us. The moment others do not see us, we also begin to perceive ourselves as invisible and experience that psychological anguish that leads us to the abyss of depression.
    When love (whether at the level of a couple, friendship or between parents and children) is replaced by pain, everything changes. Now, it is necessary to understand one aspect. Someone physically leaving us or withdrawing their affection from us is irreplaceable, but not irreparable. We all can (and should) repair that wounded space by filling it with self-love and in turn, initiating new behaviors.
    “Loneliness is very beautiful … when you have someone next to you to tell it to.”
    -Gustavo Adolfo B??cquer-
    Richard Yates was a well-known essayist who wrote between 1951 and 1960 a collection of short stories published under the title Eight Ways to Be Lonely. This interesting work told the story of a young pregnant woman, a friendless boy, a frustrated writer, some young people on a trip, a man who cannot find love and a schoolteacher frustrated in her profession.
    These simple portraits represented in themselves the different types of loneliness experienced by human beings in a very specific period of the 20th century. Today, things have not changed much. However, to these testimonies left by Yates, we could certainly add those of our teenagers and, of course, those of our elders.
    We can have a family and feel lonely. We can have a partner and feel hopelessly lonely. Because unchosen social loneliness is painful and even harmful, but emotional loneliness is just as harmful. Let us therefore see what processes usually define this type of experience.
    Characteristics of emotional lonelinessEmotional loneliness is experienced by two very specific types of realities. The first is having lost a loved one, either through death or breakup. The second type is perceived in people who, even though they have a family or friendship network, perceive an emotional emptiness. In both cases, the experiences are usually of the same type:
    The interactions maintained with the close environment are not satisfactory.
    The person feels misunderstood, not emotionally validated.
    Some define this feeling as “existential emptiness”. Sometimes, they can carry out multiple tasks, even spend the day away from home working, doing things… However, that gap, that impossible-to-define absence is still present.
    Emotional loneliness generates discomfort and feelings of sadness that at times alternate with apathy, bad mood and frustration.
    There are times when this experience is distressing, sharing the same affective states as depression and anxiety.
    How can we combat emotional loneliness? Facing and managing emotional loneliness can be more complicated than working with social loneliness. We are not talking about isolation, sometimes, nor do we just have a person with difficulties in terms of social skills. It is a deeper and more delicate type of psychological reality.
    In these cases it is very convenient to have the help of a professional. Behind these states there is often a depressive process that needs to be addressed. It is not enough to recommend the person to “go out and make friends”. It is necessary to go deeper, work, refocus, provide relief, support and be able to generate changes.
    On the other hand, there are many who consider loneliness as an epidemic that is not only affecting the elderly. Our children and adolescents also suffer from this emotional distress when they perceive that the friendships they establish are not meaningful, and that they lack that most basic dimension of human beings: trust. However, let’s see what mental approaches and strategies can help us in these cases.
    Keys to relieve the emptiness of emotional loneliness
    Emotional loneliness hurts because it brings us face to face with our greatest fears: emptiness, lack of meaning, existential anguish.
    All fear, all anguish, can and must be faced with new mental approaches and above all, with decisions.
    If we have lost our loved one, we must give way to the acceptance of that reality. It will be time to connect with ourselves and give shape to a new life plan, to a new personal route where we can find new illusions, plans and motivations.
    Likewise, if our environment does not give us affection, reciprocity or trust, we may have to rethink the creation of new ties and relationships. In these cases, it is highly recommended to meet people with similar tastes. Starting from a common passion or hobby is a way to create more meaningful bonds.
    On the other hand, as revealed by a study conducted at the Center for Social and Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Chicago, people need safe social environments to experience well-being. Therefore, the investment of resources to surround ourselves with people who offer us security and confidence will always pay off.
    To conclude, we can only emphasize one more fact: to face emotional loneliness we need psychological help. We must work on our psychological architecture, repair damages, strengthen self-esteem and above all, find a purpose in life. As Viktor Frankl told us, when we find meaning in our existence, strengths awaken.
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